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Dyeraid + Riley Youngstrom || Suicide Prevention

A Work in Progress. When you read this you may think of a never ending construction project going on directly in the middle of your route to work. Maybe the little rainbow spinny wheel that pops up on your computer when you are trying to complete something quickly. Sometimes I think this statement can cause frustration in a culture of immediate satisfaction, when in reality, it is the purest definition of beauty.

A Work in Progress is the inspiration behind the newest collaboration with Riley Youngstrom. In her "why" behind this collection she wrote:

"I have always been passionate about being a work in progress. I don't know where my intrigue came from- but the idea of always being in bloom has intrigued me. I have always felt very weirdly human, but learned to be okay with that. There is part of me that knows I can always be growing, and feels obligated to be searching for what's coming next, and I have had to learn to let go of the idea of "once I". Once I get HERE, I will be okay. Once I do THAT, everything will be alright. Once I accomplish that THEN, I will feel ready. Over and Over again I have been reminded of the impossibility of this.

I was told one time that if I were a flower it'd be a magnolia. They are beautiful when they are blooming. They symbolize beauty and gentleness. Yes, I know cheese-fest over here but I love the idea of the beauty being in the work. So as simple as it is; my collaboration with Dyeraid showcases the beauty of growth."

Printing the magnolia on dyed textile is such a beautifully fitting concept because of its natural derivative. The process in order for this product to be dyed starts will a small seed that is grown and harvested to make a powder. You see, the indigo plant takes hard work and patience to produce this beautiful, captivating blue.

The Botanical Bandana and pattern seen on the inspirational print remind me of unity even in the wild. Botanical defined is "a collection of living plants designed chiefly to illustrate relationships within plant groups." These wild, living beautiful things still brought together to help build eachother up, to spread the love. A lot of people when they are challenged with facing how messy life is can feel defeated and alone. When they only see their flaws in growth, it can seem daunting. We have to encourage their beauty, we need build unity with those around us as we all strive, learn and grow.

Riley put it beautifully when she said,

"Something close to the beating of my heart is suicide prevention and mental health. I desperately wish when I was struggling that someone would've told me that it's okay to be a work in progress and that you are beautiful as you are growing. We all need to be reminded from time to time that it's okay to be messy. chaotic and not okay."

Let's remind each other of the beauty that comes out of and is produced by the growing pains. There is beauty in the waiting, strength and grace in the growth.


Kara + Riley

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