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Manifesting Joy in the Little Things

When I was contemplating ways to manifest joy, I asked myself how I find joy in the seemingly mundane or even in the chaos of life. I sat down and closed my eyes and let my mind collect memories it had categorized under joy and realized so many of them were about the little things.

This coming season can be difficult for some and exciting for others. I wanted to make sure that no matter what this season holds for you, you could still manifest joy in it. You may be thinking, "what the heck is manifesting? I hear it all the time, is it just a trendy word?" Valid questions. Manifestation is bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief. The way I think of it, it is our ability to not let our current state be the final answer.

I don't believe we can just will ourselves to be the happiest person on the planet, but I do believe we can will ourselves to choose joy and eventually create said happiness. The first way I noticed that joy comes to me is in the little moments. I find myself smiling as the leaves arch around the path I ride my bike on, when my latte art makes a little heart, when I really like how two colors look together in a new collection I am trying to launch or in a window display.

When I am having a rough day and joy isn't coming naturally, I try to find it in little ways around me. It takes courage to fight past the easiest emotion and choose to rewire my thoughts. It requires me to switch gears and see things in a new way. Sometimes, it even requires me to step outside of myself and think of others first. I often find, though, that the mental work is always worth it.

You may be thinking, "I have no idea where I would even start to find joy right now." Don't stress, I have a few tools to help us as we embark on this journey. First, here are two prompts that can help get the ball rolling.

Two Places to Start:

Something You See

Start by just writing down anything in sight that sparks a smile, a happy memory or begins to excite you. This could be colors, people, nature, art, anything!

Finding Your Favorites

This requires a little more work. Think about your favorite songs, the best meal you've had or your favorite sweater. Now, make a playlist of those songs, try your hand at cooking the meal and by all means, go put that sweater on!

<-- The final tool to help us in manifesting joy into our daily lives, is a FREE, downloadable prompt I have attached below to hold each little thing that makes us spark. Screenshot it, print it out or share it with a friend. I truly believe there is joy out there for us, even in the little things.

Cheers to you,

Kara Jo

Download PDF • 398KB

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