At Dyeraid we believe in a brighter, more sustainable future. We know the revenue of the fashion & home industries are growing exponentially. We also know, it is at the expense of our planet and its people. At Dyeraid, we work to provide products that are more consciously sourced, developed and sold. 


Our Product:

- USA 100% Cotton & 100% Silk Bandana Fabrics

- 100% Naturally Derived Dyes with No Toxins or Chemicals

- Sustainble & Fair Trade Dye Source (Anne Georges)

- Low Carbon Emission with Hang Drying All Silks


Our Packaging:

- Tissue is Made from 100% Recycled Paper containing a minimum     of 30% post- consumer fiber. (Chlorine & Bleach Free)

-  NO ISSUE: 100% Recycled Mailers 

- Moving to Tagless Items with QR Printed Tagging


Kara Leake

Owner & Founder

Hi! I'm Kara the founder of Dyeraid. I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Entrepreneurship & worked in Sourcing in NYC. I started Dyeraid with a passion to solve the Sustainable Supply Chain issues of the Apparel & Home industries. My husband is in the Air Force and we have a White German Shepherd named Nika. I love Dirty Chai Latte's, Everlane, New Girl & Jesus. I am so happy to have you along on this ride with me, Cheers to a Brighter More Sustainable Future. 🌿


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