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Our Approach 

We know that everything we make has an impact. At Dyeraid our focus is first and foremost the ethical treatment of people and planet in the lifecycle of our products. We aim not only to leave a minimal footprint, but to holistically elevate and positively impact the lives of our workers and health of the planet. Every product we make is designed and curated to help you live a brighter, more sustainable lifestyle. 




We know everything we make affects the planet; either in production, or after you purchase it. We believe our planet is important and acknowledge our calling to be good stewards of it. Here are the things we are doing right now to not only lower our negative impact, but leave the planet better than we found it.

what we do now:

-All of our dyes are sustainably sourced and 100% botanical. No toxic mordans or dyes. 

-By using organic cotton in our tote bags, we save water and reduce CO₂ emissions by 45% compared to conventional cotton.

-Each order is mailed in a compostable mailer. This diverts our shipping materials from the landfill and reduces methane emissions.

-All Dyeraid tags on packaging are made from recycled paper. 

-Low/ No Fabric Waste - all scraps are being used to create new collections of products

in the future:

-Expand our fabric portfolio to only Organic or Regenerative Cotton or an equally or more sustainable fiber. 

-Use zero plastic in our tagging and packaging materials 


-Complete and full traceability and transparency of product to origin.


zero-net output of water.

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People are the most important part. We believe no person should suffer at the expense of a cheaper top. The fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world estimating a worth of $1.55 trillion; yet, only 2% of fashion workers around the world are paid a living wage. Not only that, but many work and live in dangerous and harmful environments and are deprived of benefits or holistic care as part of their employment. At Dyeraid we source all of our products from MTINDO Studio, a production studio and tailor academy in Gulu, Uganda. Additionally, all profits from the design studio support education opportunities for women in the community through their NGO, Mtindo Academy. By working with MTINDO, we are supporting employment and education for women in Uganda. You can learn more about our new sourcing partner here By working with us, you are supporting employment and education for women in Uganda.

what we do now:

-Ensure all workers are paid a living wage as salary for production of dyeraid bandanas.

-Invest in holistic education and programs for women sewing our products.

-Ensure a living wage for all dyes harvested and made.


in the future:

-Gain Fair Trade certification for all Dyeraid products

-Trace production back to farmers and makers from the fiber/ fabric level 


Kara Leake

Owner & Founder

Hi! I'm Kara the founder of Dyeraid. I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Entrepreneurship & worked in Sourcing in NYC. I started Dyeraid with a passion to solve the Sustainable Supply Chain issues of the Apparel & Home industries. My husband is in the Air Force and we have a White German Shepherd named Nika. I love Dirty Chai Latte's, Everlane, New Girl & Jesus. I am so happy to have you along on this ride with me, Cheers to a Brighter More Sustainable Future. 🌿