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3 Ways to Use Your Ornament

It is that time of year again, the time to spread joy... Wait... shouldn't we do that all the time? Even at a distance, there are so many ways to spread joy NOW, through the Holidays and even in the New Year. Here are some ways you can use our Hoop Ornaments & our New Macrame Ornaments.

Words of Encouragement

We didn't make JUST Christmas themed ornaments for a reason. We have included sayings like, "be still" & "love is louder" on our ornaments for you to share these messages with your neighbors and loved ones. Grab an ornament to leave on:

  1. A Neighbors Door Nob

  2. A co-workers desk

  3. Your mailbox for postal workers

  4. With snail mail to a pen pal

During these times we all need a little reminder that we are loved, and to be still and enjoy what the season has to offer.

Hostess Gift

We know gatherings are fewer and further between right now, but we encourage you to get together with your "quarantine possy" this Holiday. Don't show up empty handed. - Hang an ornament on a Wine Bag,

- Hang it on a little Gift Bag or

- Wrap it around a Kitchen Towel

to take as the perfect hostess gift at Friendsgiving & Holiday Parties. You can even host a ZOOM Friendsgiving & ship a "home" ornament to everyone at their home to spark joy in their season.

Decking Your Halls & Walls

I don't know about you, but I am so excited to turn my house into the coziest Christmas cove. I have found you can insert ornaments is various places to add to your decor.

1. Hang the Indigo Macrame ornament in a gallery wall - this adds texture & unique shape to your photo wall & dresses it up a bit.

2. Add the Blush Macrame Ornament to your garland, Pom String or Orange Slice Strand for decked out decor.

3. Place Festive Ornaments in any greenery on your tables as a secret message for people to see when they are dining or relaxing in your home.

We collaborated with Urban Fibers to create a textured ornament that wins you style points. This fringe textured ornament will perfectly complement all your Holiday Home decor.

Let's spread some Joy this today, tomorrow & everyday. Shop all ornaments in our shop 2 for $15 with code "happyhoop" until Friday 11/13.

XO Kara Jo

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