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Restorative Pastimes for Unearthing Peace

Do you ever find yourself just scrolling on your phone and you aren't even sure when you opened the app or how 45 minutes has passed? I even do this while I am watching Netflix! How did I get to the point where even entertainment itself isn't entertaining enough?

When I was navigating the answer to this I realized that it might not necessarily be that the new season of the Crown isn't entertaining, it might just be that I am addicted to a screen and mindless brain stimulation.

Studies show after the pandemic, and the work from home lifestyle, we have grown acustomed to multiple sources of technology operating at once. For example, "background TV," is now way more popular as many of us have turned on lighthearted, easy watching shows such as Emily in Paris or Friends, just to have on in the background.

Between netflix, spotify, instagram and my laptop, I feel like I have forgotten how to step away from a screen and what is truly restorative for me. Do you ever feel like that? Do you feeling like technology overuse leads to increased difficulty returning to a calm state of mind? No wonder my brain numbing solution for a busy schedule isn't working.

But get this…

Using our hands to create, color, craft, cook or even write helps calm our brain and to allow our bodies to relax. Things like knitting or crosswords (anyone remember our summer of crossword puzzles here at Dyeraid?) actually even helps to improve our cognitive function.

These pastimes allow us to focus on the task at hand and stay in the present moment.

Setting aside even the smallest amount of time for creating ensures we don’t exhaust ourselves and we allow for restoration for our minds.

This is why we created Ornament Making Kits to foster creativity and help unearth peace.

Amidst busy seasons, these can be the first things to go, but what if we didn't forgo the practices we know restore us and bring us peace? What if, instead, we prioritized them amidst stressful seasons? Whether it is journaling each morning, coloring while watching our favorite Christmas film or baking on a Sunday evening, we can unearth peace in this season.

Peace to you in this season friend,

Kara Jo

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