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Dear Dyeary: 3 Sustainable Products for Spring

With farmers markets filling up again and our favorite flowers popping out of the ground I wanted to prepare you for this spring and summer with a few sustainable practices! If you are a resolutioner, you may be a few steps ahead on this one. If you are not, I hope this challenge is a simple way to integrate the change you may be looking for. These products are simple, cost effective and can create a huge impact by purchasing.


The first easy action you can take is to fill your life with reusable grocery or produce bags. Every grocery store (for you military gals even the commissary) has reusable grocery bags/ toes available. Just ask if you do not see any! Besides that, there are so many adorable, affordable bags to fit any taste, available for you to grab and reduce your use of single use plastic. Did you know every year we use.... (enter stat on plastic bag)?! That is so crazy to me, we can solve this and treat our planet by saying no to paper & plastic and bring our own bag. Tip: leave them in your trunk, you can always run outside and grab them! You can grab a Naturally Hand Dyed net Market Bag on or you can grab another favorite of mine from IKEA here.


People always stop at just replacing your standard checkout bag, but you can also go one step further and replace your produce bags as well! You can opt to just use your tote, but if you are like me, you like some of your produce in its own bag. You can now get various sizes of adjustable produce bags for your garlic, lemons, limes and shallots! I purchased the one's shown below, but have included another more affordable option here!


Warmer weather means park picnics and some trips to the beach! Grab the sunblock, a great throw blanket and your favorite snacks and relax your heart out! Whether you like berries, some good ole mixed nuts or maybe even a ton of swedish fish (I'm not judging) you can bag em up in a reusable baggy. With these you can simply wash them out when you get home and avoid wasting unnecessary plastic baggies. I have shown my favorite brand below, but you can find another reusable baggy option here. You can even get them in different colors for everyone in your family so no one's snacks get mixed up! If you really want to get creative, you can wrap up your snack in a bandana and tie it up.

Hey, I am not perfect at this either, but you have heard it before I'm sure, even one person doing a couple of things to help the planet is better than nothing! I hope these tips and products help you create a brighter, more sustainable future!

Peace & Blessings,

Kara Jo

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