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Sustainable Dyearies: 5 Low Waste, Last Minute Gifts. Make Haste, Not Waste!

Down to the wire on your gift list? I am right there with you. Are you the type of person who wants to gift something super special, intentional and meaningful to everyone on your list? I am, and man when I hit a roadblock, it's like the Suez Canal in my brain, nothing else is getting through.

I don't know about you, but I tend to let stress take over and buy something just to mark the gift off my brain and move on. Just like with my Dyearie Entry on Moving, when you wait longer, you end up making the less conscious/ more wasteful decision.So I figured, now would be the perfect time to hit you with some great last minute tips on meaningful gifts that won't go to waste!


1. Fabric Floral Bouquet

If you are heading to a dinner party, office party or cookie exchange a simple thing to do is stop by a local florist and get a seasonal bouquet. With the paper on, you can wrap a Holiday Towel or Bandana around the base for a personal touch. You could also stop by a Christmas Tree Farm and get a wreath from some of their leftover pine.

2. Holly Jolly Jar

Fill a mason jar with your favorite cookie recipe ingredients, hot cocoa mix, a DIY Beauty Mask or even stove top mulling spices. Use scraps of fabric to cover the lid and tie a Tag or Ornament around the top for the final touch. This gift is great because even if the jar is discarded it is recycled or used for something else in the receivers home! Check out tons of ways to make a Holly Jolly Jar here.

3. Antique Cookie Plate

If time allows, take the jar one step further & whip up a batch of your favorite holiday cookies. Stop by your local antique store and find festive holiday plates to plate your delicious goodies! For extra points you can even write, "friends like you are timeless."

4. Easy Experiences

When asked, "what would you prefer to receive as a gift, an item or an experience?" Most of you said an experience. This is a great way to give a gift someone will likely love and that won't be a low quality panic buy. Stop by a local wine shop and grab a gift card for a tasting with their favorite type of wine. Tie a cute ornament around the top and it is sure to please!

5. Punny Planters

For all the teachers and important helpers in you and your families lives, grab some succulents! Little pots can be reused to organize jewelry or office supplies if they don't have a green thumb. Fun sayings would be, "Life would Succ without you, " or "thanks for helping me grow."

These are just a few ideas that end up causing less waste in the long run and can be special in their own way. Follow Dyeriad on pinterest to see all of our Conscious Christmas Ideas for your home, gifts and wrapping! I know you have a lot on your plate right now, so any second thought to give a more conscious gift does actually help a lot. As always, thanks for joining me in creating a brighter, more sustainable future together.

A Hand Dyed Happy Holiday to you,

Kara Jo

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