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Tie-Dye How To

It's EVERYWHERE right now. You name it, it has been Tie-Dyed. There is no secret this medium is trending heavily and we are HERE for it. We wanted to give you a little "How To" tutorial for your Tie-Dye desires in honor of our latest collection on the Blog this week. Lets Go!

First thing is first, if a DIY Tie-Dye seems too daunting, we get it. You can grab some of our latest launch items including the Ocean Tide Collection, Indigo Dye, or the Sunny Horizons Collection, Sandalwood & Turmeric Blend. We have bandanas to keep your face covering trendy as well as Kitchen Towels for the home. Shop it Here!

Now, for those of you who are still hanging with us, we are excited to help you on your journey of artistic discovery, AKA Keeping the Kids busy. Below is a list of what you will need to Tie-Dye your hearts out.

1. A Dyeraid Dye Kit of your choice!

  • rubber bands & clothes pins included in dye kit

  • soda ash included in dye kit

  • each dye kit comes with a list of items you need in addition to these*

2. A tarp/ trash bags/ drop cloth to work on.

( We would recommend working outside if you can or in the garage)

3. Squirt bottles if you wish.

5. Any extra items around your house you think it would be fun to change up. Tip: make sure they are a natural fiber ie. Cotton, Linen, Silk etc. to ensure the best outcome.

6. A Bucket to place your items in as you finish dyeing them

Most all of these things you can get from Walmart or Target Pick-Up if you do not already have them. You can also go thrifting to find white items you wish to tie-dye. Now lets get to the instructions.

First things first. Make sure all items that are being dyed are clean and prepped. Once they are clean, fill your sink with warm water and dissolve the packet of Soda Ash (1) in the sink. Place your items in there to soak. This will help score the fabric to allow the Dye to soak and stay for around for a while.

While that is soaking, prep your vat with water to boil on the stove top. Once boiled, lower heat to LO on your eye and insert the remaining dye packets in order, (2) & (3) if you have Indigo. Here you can choose to dye your items with a base color such as light blue or pink, and then go over top of it with the tie dye method with dark blue or yellow. We LOVE how this turned out with our Tie-Dye Collection.

Let your dye simmer for a while while you prep your items. Drain your sink and ring out excess water from the items. Grab your rubber bands and head to your tarp or "designated dirty area" to prepare your tie-dye patterns.

Here you can get creative with ways to tie-dye. Here are a few pictures of what you can do:

Spiral Tie-Dye

Pinch Tie- Dye

Crumple Tie-Dye